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63655Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Update on the lathe 109

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  • jerdal@sbcglobal.net
    Jun 1, 2010
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      Those defending the 109......................whatever.....

      I had one and I got good work off of it. I got rid of it, and I DO NOT miss

      Yes it will teach you things. Not all of them will you really want to

      But the various "features", such as the crosslide, which as-delivered
      advances 41.66666... thousandths per turn, etc, etc, just make it
      un-necessary to consider it seriously when there are much more usable lathes
      around. If you wanted, you could fix many of the issues, but....

      I WILL say that the crosslide is a lot heavier than the lace-like network on
      some Atlas 618.

      If you like it, and consider it in some way "ideal", more power to you...
      maybe you like "hair shirts" too.

      For myself, I COULD NOT do the work I do on the 10" Logan on that 109, and
      neither could you. It just would not fit, and even if it did, the prospect
      of spending hours nibbling off tiny threads of metal while listening to the
      ear-splitting clanging/ringing din of the back gear housing does not appeal
      in any way.

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      > On 5/31/2010 11:40 PM, jerdal@... wrote:
      >> IMO the article is of little practical use......... but then IMO the 109
      >> is
      >> of little practical use (I had one once), so.......
      >> JT
      > Yes, same here. IMO, one of the sloppiest lathes out there.
      > The AA_109 group does have a text file in the group files area that has
      > tips on getting better results with the 109.
      > Things like using brass gibbs, impreved bed clamp, hack-saw trick on
      > saddle, truing the spindle and other tips.
      > One thing I though of after I unloaded my 109 was replace the set screws
      > on the gibbs with longer allen-head screws with nuts on them. Then you
      > could set them and tighten the nuts (like on teh A/C lathes.) I had
      > problems with them working loose.
      > Probably would have done it, but i had replaced the cross slide with a
      > Sherline slide. Had less slop and gave me 0.050"/turn graduated dial. ;)
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