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58914Re: [atlas_craftsman] FUBAR Courtershaft Pulley

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  • Scott Henion
    Aug 1, 2009
      indianfourrider wrote:
      > Friends, (Long post - get a fresh cup of coffee!
      > My earlier jubilation was, it seems, premature. I had believed that I had finally trued-up the large 2-sheave countershaft pulley since on high speed the wobble had all but disappeared. Next day, however, I switched over to low speed. Serious wobble now at 685 rpm where before it had not even been noticable.
      > <clip>
      > Results - SUCCESS at all speeds!
      > I have posted a couple of pictures of the set-up in an album bearing the acronym used in the title of this post. You'll also see my Appalachian-engineered swarf control device. Sorry, no duct tape...
      > Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

      Been there, done that, have the T-shirt. ;)

      Re-sleeved mine 3 times. It still has wobble.

      yours is one of the better ones with the 3 holes. Mine has 3 arced
      spokes. I would get it perfect, mount on countershaft and it was fine.
      Next day it wobbled. Turns out it is real temperature sensitive. Change
      temp and the hub twists.

      Mine was the same, the hub and sides were not aligned with the belt
      grooves. I mounted it in a 4-jaw and centered it on the grooves. Then
      turned the hub and all faces. Much better.

      Mine had 23 holes drilled to balance. I guess they figure that is easier
      than centering it properly before machining it ;) I had to re-balance
      mine. I used a short 3/4" shaft between centers. Drilled a center
      countersink on each end. Then put on pulley. I could get a fairly god
      balance. I had to drill 20 holes on the opposite side the existing ones

      Still, I went back to a generic single 8" pulley. I could never get the
      stock one to remain straight. As I have a VFD, I don't need the double
      pulley setup (and only have a single, variable motor pulley anyway.)

      One of these days, I'll admit defeat and throw the old one out. ;)

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