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58561Re: [atlas_craftsman] Newbie parting question

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  • William Abernathy
    Jul 1, 2009
      You can get away with no top rake at that angle, but you do need to hone the
      cutting face, and a chip curl on top will help. You will also want to use a
      thinner blade than that. 1/8" is pretty severe for this family of lathes.

      --William A.

      Ron Grossl wrote:
      > Hello all, I recently purchased an Atlas 12X36 lathe. I am just now getting
      > started on doing some work on it. I have used larger lathes a little, but by
      > no means am I a proficient machinist. My question is on the use of the cut
      > off tool that I got with it. I have an AXA style toolpost with a Universal
      > parting toolholder. The blade is a 1/8 inch HSS steel blade. I have read
      > many posts concerning the grinding of cutoff tools and they all say to grind
      > relief on the sides and grind back rake on the top. My question is, since
      > this toolholder actually holds the blade about 10 degrees from horizontal, is
      > that back rake built in or do I still need to grind the top of the tool ?
      > And since the tool blade is inclined, what angle should I grind the front of
      > it ? Sorry to sound so ignorant, but I have found nothing on this.
      > Thanks

      > Ron
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