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5450RE: [atlas_craftsman] Gears

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  • Keese, Frank
    Sep 1, 2000
      I also have just become the owner of an Atlas 10" lathe, but I think
      probably I'm much more of a beginning machinist than you are. I haven't run
      a lathe since high school shop 40 years ago.

      Thanks for the information that parts are available on e-bay. As far as I
      know I have only one set of gears, but as I search through the bucket of
      hardware an figure out what I have and what I don't, perhaps I'll find I
      have more than one set. There seem to be a lot of them.

      I have not been able to find the serial number on my lathe. Can any one tell
      me exactly where to look? Also, what are good sources for import parts and
      tooling that fit the Atlas 10" and 12" machines? I am particularly looking
      for a quick change tool post and the taper reducer for the headstock bore,
      if that's the right term. I'm frankly not very clear about using tapered
      tooling on the headstock end, but I'm pretty sure I'll want to use collets
      to hold small work, if the lathe turns out to be up to it. Can anyone help
      me with what else I need to use collets?

      I enjoy reading the postings. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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      > I have just become the proud owner of an Atlas 10" lathe. I need a set of
      > threading gears, and a treading dial. I could also use a tool post tho I
      > just make one. If anyone has a lead on any of this I would be very
      > interested. Thanks.
      > jsearcy@...
      Right now there is quite a list of 10" parts on e-bay. Just search on atlas


      Good Luck
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