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52914RE: [inbox] Re: [atlas_craftsman] what a wobble now.... (WAS: solid headstock spindle?)

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  • Exibar
    Nov 6, 2008
      I figured as much, I did get two quotes from them. $1125 was with the taper
      bored out and $820 was a solid piece. So they'd charge $300 to bore out the
      taper.... ouchies.

      I'm just gunna buy one from homeshopsupply.com and be done :-) I'm going
      to get the 3/4"-16 thread, and bore out and tap my backplate for my chuck
      using my Mill :-)

      I'll keep eveyrone posted as to how that goes...

      thanks for the help all!
      Mike B


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      Subject: [inbox] Re: [atlas_craftsman] what a wobble now.... (WAS: solid
      headstock spindle?)

      One reason for the cost is asking for .001" tolerance everywhere, when you
      don't need that tolerance. Try drawing it with only tight tolerances on the
      bearing journals and the chuck shoulder. Don't ask to bore the taper,
      unless you really can't do that your self., and have to have it.

      My first experience with a machine shop netted the same price structure,
      because I had toleranced everything to +-001" The owner kindly showed me
      how to decide what was important, and what wasn't, and we substantially
      reduced the price.

      With looser tolerances, they can do a one-off on the manual lathe at the
      back of the shop, rather than write code for a CNC machine.

      And don't forget, there are hundreds of machine shops. You just need to
      find one that's hungry. And friendly to likeable fellas <grin>


      On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 11:17 AM, Exibar <exibar@thelair.
      <mailto:exibar%40thelair.com> com> wrote:

      > hehe, it has GOT to be the latter, I'm sure it wasn't the former because
      > I'm a hellofa likeable fellow ;-)
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      > From: Jim Ash
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      > Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 7:53 AM
      > Subject: Re: [atlas_craftsman] what a wobble now.... (WAS: solid headstock
      > spindle?)
      > Sometimes when jobs are bid like that, there are messages hidden in the
      > bid.
      > The message I'm hearing here is; "We don't want to be impolite and just
      > blow you off, but we really don't want to bother with little one-off jobs
      > like this. But if you're truly crazy enough to pay our ridiculous price,
      > then we'll be glad to help you part with a wheelbarrow-full of your
      > On rare occasion, I've bid work that way just because I didn't like the
      > customer or didn't really want the work.
      > Jim Ash
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      > >Subject: [inbox] Re: [atlas_craftsman] what a wobble now.... (WAS: solid
      > headstock spindle?)
      > >
      > >--- In atlas_craftsman@ <mailto:atlas_craftsman%40yahoogroups.com>
      yahoogroups.com, "Exibar" <exibar@...> wrote:
      > >>
      > >> Well, I talked with a local machine shop today. They blew my mind
      > >when they
      > >> quoted me $1125 to make the spindle..... I almost fainted dead away....
      > >> The only thing different from the plans here that I asked for was a
      > >> tolerance to .001", is that like really hard to do or something for a
      > >
      > > Did you see that brand new Lincoln pick up truck sitting out front?
      > >Something has to pay for that gas. =)
      > >
      > > That shouldn't be hard at all. They could do it to .0001 if you
      > >really wanted it. Considering they probably have a nice CNC machine
      > >there,I would think it was only a matter of mounting of a rod of
      > >metal,setting up the right cutters and then it just goes.
      > > I don't really know how much these things tend to cost,but honestly
      > >that does sound in the ball part to me. 100 would be "ok thats
      > >reasonable,10k would be "OMG Ill go buy a damn lathe to make it on"
      > >$1000 is "thats expensive,but if I really needed the part for
      > >something serious Id pay it"
      > >

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