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52081Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Unsubscribing

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  • Russ Kepler
    Sep 2, 2008
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      On Tuesday 02 September 2008 10:59:58 speedphoto300 wrote:
      > It's not just the strident (or whining) "how do I unsubscribe?" that's
      > the issue, many of these are related to getting a lot of emails that
      > they don't want, on threads they don't care about. That problem is
      > just as easily solved, set "no email, I'll use the web service" in
      > your preferences. That's the mode I use, I can check in and look at
      > what's up and don't have to read a bunch of posts about something I
      > don't care about. Of course, that requires some effort too...

      There used to be an "unsubscribe me" list at some university for the really
      annoying users who would subscribe to a list and then whinge about receiving
      email from the list. As a list admin I'd carefully remove them from my list
      and subscribe them to the "unsubscribeme" list, then tiptoe away. Childish?
      Yes, but surprisingly satisfying.
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