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52077Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Unsubscribing

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  • Jon Elson
    Sep 2, 2008
      stephen_s_wood wrote:
      > Wayne,
      > I find both Paul's posting and your expansion of it to be outside the
      > limits of acceptable behavior. I cannot control you, nor do I want
      > to. However, I do wish that you would learn to control yourselves.
      Paul's posting was snarky. I don't see anything in Wayne's that
      is anything but matter of fact. Being the moderator of this
      group, I do get just a bit annoyed by people who won't read the
      info that is RIGHT in every message telling how to unsubscribe.
      We just CAN'T make it any plainer until computers learn to read
      people's minds (not that I'm looking forward to such development.)

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