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50728Re: blueing off topic

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  • Eric Crum
    May 16, 2008
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      > Hi All,
      > I would like to pick you brains, I am making a tailstock die holder
      and want to blue it, I seem to remember back to my school days in metal
      work you got the steel hot and plunged it into oil, but cant remember
      how hot, red,yellow?

      I have used a recipe for hot bluing salts with excelent results....
      Standard salts need Amonia Nitrate, Lye, and Watter... When the amonia
      nitrate hits the Lye and watter mix, HUGE ammounts of amonia gas are
      released, making it verry bad for anything alive.... You can replace
      the Amonia nitrate with nitrate of soda(avalible at any nursery)...
      Since all you need is the nitrate.... It is hard to find pure lye now
      since Red Devil stopped making it, so you need to go to either a soap
      making store, or someplace that makes bio-disel, since they both
      require pure lye... Here is where I got the recipe.... If you do the
      math, you can figure out how to make a verry small batch just large
      enough for your part...
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