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  • J Wagstaff
    May 1, 2008
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      Charles Gallo wrote
      "You missed one - "rust blueing" - regular "Brown" rust can be turned into "Black" rust blueing - actually one of the best looking.

      You clean, polish, and degrease the part to be blued - and you usually hang it where the fumes from say Muriatic acid can get to it for about a day - it'll have a brown rust - gently wire brush of any "loose" rust, and then place the part in BOILING water - the rust will convert to blue rust, but thin - back to the fume cabinet, and repeat - after a few times, you're done"

      Another way to do it is to use Logwood Dye that trappers use to dye their traps blue/black to keep them from rusting. You can buy Logwood crystals or make your own dye. Ever see a piece of steel that has sat for a while in leaf filled water? Instructions can be found here www.trapping.com.au/trapping_qa.htm

      Logwood dye can be found here or other trapping supply houses. http://www.wildlifecontrolsupplies.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=WCSC001&Product_Code=WCSRTD-1&Category_Code=WCSDDWC

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