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5010Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: OT: Anybody interested in CAD

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  • R. Lee Hawkins
    Aug 1, 2000
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      In your message dated: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 09:00:15 CDT you write:
      >catboat15@... wrote:
      >> Cad was easy when I had a DOS computer, Used Generic Cadd6 from Autodesk.
      >> All the cad programs I have tried for windows want to do just TOO much for

      Try VisualCADD. It is the windows replacement for GenericCADD, and
      takes all the two-letter shortcuts you might have learned under generic
      CADD. It can also read GenericCADD files (mostly) correctly.

      Also, I sorta take offense at being classed as a "Nerd running a CADD
      program". I do hobby stuff myself, but when I go to my department
      machinist, I prefer to take good drawings to him. He is an excellent
      machinist, and has made more things than he likes to admit just based on
      drawings on napkins (literally!), but even he is not a mind reader. His
      life (and my life) are made much easier if I supply good drawings. It
      saves lots of time (once you learn the CAD program), and lets you make
      sure ahead of time that everything you have in your mind is gonna fit
      together in the end. It also leaves a permanent record if you need to
      come back and make another one later. What is wrong with trying to do
      things professionally? Does being professional make one a nerd? :)

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