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49815Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Big Nuts! (1 1/2-8 to be exact)

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  • James Walther
    Mar 1, 2008

      The nuts and I are in Charleston, West, by God, Virginia. Six of them will easily fit in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box which goes anywhere for $8.95. You might be able to find them locally, but with belly bombers and Skyline, if the weather were more accomodation a road trip could happen...



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      I would be interested in 6 depending on the shipping cost. Where are
      these nuts, I am in cincinnati, Oh 45236

      --- In atlas_craftsman@ yahoogroups. com, "indianfourrider"
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      > FWIW: Walking around at the fastener company the other day I saw some
      > big honkin' threaded rod. I commented to my friend that it looked
      > almost like the spindle thread on my lathe. He said that what was on
      > the rack ranged from 1 1/4-8 up to 2-8 and that 8 TPI is the industry
      > standard for almost everything over 1.125" dia. So I asked if by
      > chance they had any 1 1/2-8 nuts. "Sure," he sez, "I think we just
      > got a keg of them. How many do you want?" I asked what the retail
      > price would be and he thought around $2.50 each, then proceeds to
      > give me one. A 'sample' he sez.
      > There are a couple of pictures in an album called "nuts" I'd be happy
      > to buy a few and provide them at my cost if anyone's interested. I
      > can think of several ways they might come in handy. Darn sight
      > sturdier than PVC for a nose thread guard... (Yes, the one picture
      > was taken after I relieved the back for just such use)Email me:
      > indianfourrider@ ...
      > Also in the album are a couple of pictures of my shop-made carriage
      > stop. 1/2-20 all-thread gives .0025 per click, once I get the witness
      > mark stamped!
      > Apropos of nothing, I was delighted to learn that "swarf" is a real
      > word of ancient origin, not some recent concoction. Although it does
      > sound like something from a bad 'Star Trek' parody: "Fire futon
      > torpedos, Mr. Swarf!" But then again, I like words...

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.

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