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46347Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: updated tool post / chuck / accuracy adjustments

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  • Brett Jones
    Apr 3, 2007
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      Looks like the auction has closed with a "buy it now", did you buy it? I
      bought and installed a similar Bison chuck through Enco a week ago or
      so. I think I paid around $170 for the chuck alone. If this auction was
      for the same part, it was a very fair price.

      I got the plain back chuck with a pre-threaded Bison backing plate.
      Cutting the shoulder on the backing plate was simple enough but drilling
      the mounting holes would have been a pain had I not had a rotary table
      to space out the 3 holes in the bolt circle.

      redsouljoe wrote:
      > http://cgi.ebay.com/BISON-3285-3W856-5IN-3-JAW-THREAD-MOUNT-LATHE-
      > <http://cgi.ebay.com/BISON-3285-3W856-5IN-3-JAW-THREAD-MOUNT-LATHE->
      > CHUCK_W0QQitemZ130095425275QQcategoryZ25292QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
      > How does this chuck stack up? I feel like a novice for asking, but what
      > is a backing plate? I can only assume it's a threaded adapter plate
      > that screws on the headstock and attahes to the chuck. The only reason
      > I ask is because I have a chuck that screws directly on the headstock;
      > seems like it cuts out the middle man. Will this threaded chuck fit my
      > lathe?
      > Thank you for all the replies, I'll take my camera to the shop tomorrow
      > to snap a few pics of my lathe and projects.

      Brett Jones
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