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46343Re: updated tool post / chuck / accuracy adjustments

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  • Steve
    Apr 2, 2007
      >3a. Re: updated tool post / chuck / accuracy adjustments Posted by: "William Abernathy" william@...   Yahuselah Sun Apr 1, 2007 10:00 pm (PST)
      > redsouljoe wrote:
      >The Phase II AXA-compatible post is the way to go.

      I have the Phase II piston tool post, AXA size on my 12x36. It's pretty good, and I got it for the "sale" price of $89 (ENCO is like an oriental rug store with the sale on this one).

      I would reommend the wedge post, if you can afford the difference, as the toolholder on the piston post can rock slightly under heavy load. The wedge supports the entire holder, not just in the center.

      BTW, get as many tool holders as you can - the turning or turning/boring conbination ones. If you have to keep swapping out the bits in them, it ain't quick change. Littlemachineshop.com seems to have the cheapest price, although I do not know anything about the quality, as I have not ordered any from them yet. If anyone has, pleaase add comments.

      As far as the chuck questions, see:

      for some good information on truing chucks.


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