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46314updated tool post / chuck / accuracy adjustments

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  • redsouljoe
    Mar 31, 2007
      I build motorcycles in Seattle and I use a 12in atlas lathe. I'm not
      sure about the exact model, but it uses the quick change gearing. If
      you can tell me where to look on the lathe, I'll post the model
      numbers and take a few pics of the machine.

      I'm looking for an updated tool post. I want a quick change post but
      I'm not sure which type will fit the lathe. I was looking into a
      Phase II quick change tool post, but again, not sure if it will fit
      and have no clue about their quality. Anyone out there know of a nice
      setup I can look into?

      Also, my chuck seems to have a bit of a wobble, maybe .05-.10 or so.
      Plus the jaws seem to be a bit worn at the end. Is there some
      adjustments to be made on the machine to help with the wobble, or
      should I look for a new chuck? And where is a good quality chuck for
      this machine?

      Also, I've heard about a tool that allows you to cut perfect circular
      radius for ball ends. I know I have a lot of questions, but does
      anyone know of this tool, or where I can pick it up? Thanks a lot for
      your time.
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