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45803Re: [atlas_craftsman] Manuals

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  • Brett Jones
    Feb 1, 2007
      When your looking at a manual check which edition it is to find out if
      it's the correct version for your lathe.

      I have a 29th edition which was printed in 1975. According to the dates
      listed in this edition, a new edition was printed almost every year
      starting in 1938. The years they were not printed include: '53, '56,
      '58, '59, '62, '64, '66, '69, '72. I'm not sure what the last edition
      was. I think they stopped making the lathes in the early 80's.

      I'm sure there's not enough cash in it for Clausing to bother, but it
      would be really cool if they would print various editions so a person
      could buy the manual best suited to their lathes model and vintage. I'd
      also love to get new copies of the supplemental manuals and the wall charts.

      VTatlasLathe@... wrote:
      > I was wondering if anybody had a Craftsmen Manual they would like to
      > sell. I
      > am looking for one for the older 12" model that had the 96 tooth gears. I
      > already have the new manual from Clausing. And I have bought several off
      > of ebay
      > (which the sellers claimed was for this lathe, but was for the later
      > lathes). I
      > am not interested in any of the scanned/bootlegged cd copies. thank you.
      > Dave
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      Brett Jones
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