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  • n8as1@aol.com
    Oct 1 10:05 PM
      In a message dated 9/30/2006 9:46:35 P.M. Central Standard Time,
      jerdal@... writes:

      What I do is to grind a bit like the following...Wh

      When it is in the holder and ready to cut, there is a cutting edge on the
      left side. From that side it slopes down to the right relatively steeply,
      at least 30 degrees off horizontal, or as much more as you want. The
      steeper it is, the easier it cuts, but the more it wants

      an excellent grind & the one i prefer for serious stock
      removal.........the "shear grind "that i earlier described , probably rather poorly , is
      strictly a finish bit for .005 or less doc.....,actually taking a scrape cut w/ a
      large radius angled upwards from left to right at abt.60 deg . to the
      horizontal(clearance behind the edge) ...this gives severe neg. rake as it forces
      the chip up hill...for most purposes ,the finish from this bit , w/ some lard
      oil/bacon grease, eliminates polishing/grinding on 1018 .....works great on
      shaper too , which is where it came from...shaper /planer......
      ..when using the turret /& Q.C. holders for H.S. tooling, getting the
      rake by grinding a groove behind the cutting edge,gradually deepening to the
      right may be the most economical way to grind a roughing bit ...............&
      while on the subject , a " dutch nose",/ "shovel nose" bit put to the work
      as near flat(straighty in) as one can stand w/out chatter also does a great
      job of providing a smooth finish w/ cuts under .005 ,as well as shoulder cuts,
      & serious facing IN (only in) cuts....this is a wide flat end ( just abt bit
      size w/ end clearance & side relief as it tapers back slightly for 3/8 inch
      or so.on both sides.grind in moderate back rake (no side rake)...very handy
      grind ......
      best wishes

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