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42842Re: [atlas_craftsman] Metric Threading on a 12x36

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  • Jon Elson
    May 1, 2006
      r_corriveau wrote:

      >I am a new owner, as of last week.
      >Jumping the gun, I am trying to figure out how to make metric
      >I did the calculations and found the gear box settings in tpi which
      >were close to the metric pitchs.
      >For better accuracy I could use a 127T gear. Does anyone have any
      >more info on this. Where does it get installed and with what other
      >gear 120 or 100? Where can I get such gears? What are the specs of
      >these gears? I have seen 14.5 degree pressure angle 16 pitch...
      A 127 tooth gear in the same diametral pitch would be really big. What one
      could do is buy a set of 100 and 127 tooth gears in some smaller diametral
      pitch, and attach those to some gears in the the same pitch as the rest
      of the
      change gears, or just bore and slot them to fit on the same bushings as
      the rest
      of them. I don't think anyone has a ready-made set of gears that will
      just drop
      into the gear train. I'd check with such outfits as Boston Gear and SDP
      to see
      what they have.

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