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41271Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Craftsman 6" cut off tool

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  • Jon Elson
    Jan 1, 2006
      Hank wrote:

      >Bernie (last I knew) and I both use a QC toolpost (TSE,
      >aluminum) on our 618s and I just did some cutoff work today
      >in steel and it worked absolutely fine.
      >Seems like some of the ingredients in using the cutoff tool
      >successfully are running a slow spindle speed and making
      >sure you're a hair below center.
      >What material are you turning and are you talking about
      >the cutting blade flexing or the tool block itself?
      >>I have been trying to use my quick change tool holder
      >>but there is too much flex in it for that process.
      One of the tricks is to grind the TOP of the cutoff tool into a
      slight Vee shape. This curls the chip inward as it rolls up,
      making the chips narrower than the groove. I do cutoff
      work fairly fast, often on the lowest direct-drive speed on the 10-12"
      Especially on aluminum, I would only advance the crossslide about
      one turn before backing the cutter out and letting things cool. I
      would keep a toothbrush saturated with cutting oil in the groove
      all the time I was cutting.

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