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37591Re: [atlas_craftsman] Metalcraft Screw Cutting Lathe circa 1933

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  • dswr@webtv.net
    Mar 4, 2005
      You wrote:

      "Even if it didn't have a name you could find, the pot metal (and that's
      what it is, basically--trade name Zamak) is a clue. I think only Atlas
      and AA used it."

      As I understand it, pot metal contains lead and copper. Zamak,
      hopefully, contains no lead. (impurities, such as lead will cause the
      alloy to fail prematurely) Zamak has properties similar to cast iron.
      and if properly made stands up to use quite well (50 plus year old parts
      still going strong)

      The only beef I have with Zamak is you can't solder or braze it.

      Of course this is my 2 cents worth only. 8-)

      Leo (pearland, tx)
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