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  • mikehenryil
    Aug 1, 2004
      Is that Ames a small horizontal mill? If so, I uploaded an AMES
      brochure that has a page or two of info on one here:


      There are no instructions (sorry) bur the info may still be of
      interest to you.

      Bill Gray at the site above is willing to host space for out-of-
      print machine tool documents there, so if anyone has anything to
      contribute, please consider doing so. The wood working folks have a
      really nice site for this sort of stuff and it would be nice to see
      the same thing happen for us metalworkers.


      --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, "Beachboard"
      <jbeachboard@c...> wrote:
      > This is a little off topic but I if anyone has the answer it might
      > valuable to the group. Along with my Atlas 10 X 36 lathe I have
      acquired an
      > Ames horizontal mill, table top model with the motor underneath.
      I need to
      > know if anyone knows of a source for old manuals. I know nothing
      about this
      > thing and would like a manual.
      > I'll press my luck and ask one more question. I also just got a
      > tool made by Parker Products. It's in an all bakolite case and
      appears all
      > there. A friend just gave it to me because he knew I was
      machining a
      > little. I can't figure out what it's for. From the instructions
      it looks
      > like it is to bead tubing but for what purpose. Any help in these
      > would be appreciated.
      > Jim
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