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  • Brian Sherwood
    Jan 2, 2004
      Yep. A 'gib' is a piece that goes in between the two halves of a
      dovetail slide [so named because in cross-section it looks like a
      furniture dovetail joint] on one side. Typically most lathes have a
      line of setscrews down one side of the cross-slide and another down
      one side of the compound, that bear on their respective gibs to
      provide adjustability for wear and also a means to lock their
      respective slide in place.

      If I understand you right, you can grab the toolpost [which should be
      firmly attached to the top half of the compound] and rattle it around-
      -a pretty good indicator either your compound gib or yuour cross-
      slide gib is set too loose.
      [Some machine tools have a tapered gib that works with a wedging
      action with one adjuster screw on the end but I don't think that
      applies to yours.]

      From what pics I have access to, on the Atlas/Cratfsman 6", with the
      compound crank facing you there's a line of 4 setscrews down the
      right side of the compound with locknuts on them. There should be a
      similar arrangement for the cross-slide itself but I can't tell from
      the pics I have.

      Anyway try loosening the locknuts on those 4 setscrews and adjusting
      the setscrews tighter and looser while playing with the amount
      of 'shake' and cranking on the feed crank, and you'll soon understand
      how they function.

      Tell ya hwat--any chance you can post a few pics of your lathe from
      different angles so we know exactly which model you have and maybe
      mark a few arrows on them and stuff and email back to you?

      --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, "chopped50ford"
      <chopped50ford@y...> wrote:
      > What is a gib? is that the adjustment screws on the side. My play
      > in on the cross-slide unit that moves perpendicular to the lathe.
      > My handle (attatched to the cross-slide screw) shows some play. I
      > can grab the top mounted piece (not the tool holder) and actually
      > move it by hand or wiggle it ever so slightly.
      > Sorry for not knowing the terminology.
      > Thanks so far for the help.
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