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  • Alan Barnett
    Jan 1 3:04 AM

      > First, I made my first cut tonight. What fun.

      Its good therapy !

      > I have an old craftsman (atlas) 6" lathe. It is belt driven. Its
      > approx. 1947-1950 model type to give you an idea.
      > I noticed when cutting along a 6" piece of mild steel that the cross
      > screw turns slightly at the same time not making your cuts smooth.
      > almost wavy and full of slight ridges in the material. Basically it
      > looks like a tree branch. ( think brass fitting or cross screw is
      > worn as well, the rocker tool post moves slightly.

      What I do is...... put a piece of hex in the 3 jaw chuck, let the tool just
      touch the bar, on a slow feed observe where the 'free play' is,stop the
      lathe then adjust the jib strips appropriately to eliminate movement, repeat
      this process until the free play has gone, as the compound is not needed for
      most straight cuts I usually lock this up.

      > What do I need to keep the tool from doing this. I have to almost
      > hold the cross screw handle in one hand, which does not work,
      > because I would slip and make it uneven along the way. Can you lock
      > the cross screw?
      > How should your tool be cut to make a nice smooth surface on mild
      > steel. what belt position should the motor and main pulleys be in
      > (RPM)

      The cutting tool must be at center height, use a DTI what ever, make sure
      the tool is at center height to the work use packing under the tool.
      The tool must be sharp, with relief ground on it, have a look on the
      Sheerline site I think they give examples there to give you an idea.
      Always use a centre in the tailstock to support the work when not working
      close to the chuck, as you will get chatter the further you move away from
      the chuck.

      After setting and sharpening the tool advance the tool to the work using the
      cross slide, so its just touching the work (if slackened off start again the
      slide must always advance this compensates for ware) turn the chuck towards
      you by hand, advancing the tool very lightly, your tool should make a neat
      sharp cut, if not re-check your previous steps.

      Speed ? There are charts and formulas for this, I would use the lowest speed
      to start with, (not engaging the bull wheel) then change speed when you have
      got the hang of it.

      PLEASE use safety specs its at this stage you might snap the tool !!


      > Any secrets here that can help me.
      > Thanks.
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