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29435Re: [atlas_craftsman] Motor controller

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  • jerdal
    Nov 1, 2003
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      No layout in a compatible format.....I suppose that would be a requirement
      ....some delay for that......I probably should add the IR comp too, as an
      option at least.

      It does not have provisions for field weakening for wound field motors, but
      there is no reason that could not be done. But, so many motors these days
      are PM that it seems hardly worth it. And many have base speeds near 5000
      rpm, leading to much less need for it. And few motors likely to be found are
      really suitable for it

      The classic machine tool speed control is the Monarch 10EE, either the older
      tube type or the newer "modular" type. Both incorporate field weakening to
      increase the speed from the ~1400 rpm base speed to ~4000 rpm top speed,
      armature voltage control, and IR compensation.


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      > Jerrod, you wrote:
      > "But, if there is any interest, it can be further developed and posted.
      > It uses components available from Digi-Key, etc, so that isn't a
      > problem."
      > I would be very interested in your design. Do you have a schematic, and
      > a layout design?
      > Leo (pearland, tx)
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