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  • James Davis
    Mar 14, 2000
      I also have, for my Atlas 10" lathe, a 5" Cushman chuck that needs a
      help. A new set of jaws would help quite a bit. I have emailed Cushman
      their site but have gotten no response. They have some very good deals
      universal 3-jaw chucks right now, but I can't spare the money. If
      anyone knows
      of a source for jaws for these chucks, or how to get Cushman to answer,
      like to know too.

      Jim Davis

      Subject: Cushman Chuck
      From: Mike Reames

      Last week, after fixing the carriage engage lever on my 12"Atlas (
      thanks to this group!) I now want to get my old 5" 3 jaw Cushman fixed.
      It need jaws, and I have been unable to find a source for them.... I
      bought a 6" Bison, but the cushman would be nice to have for smaller
      jobs... Any ideas, or is it obsolete and not worth the expense? Thanks,
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