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20090Re: 12X36 Atlas for sale Sold.

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  • latheplaya
    Sep 1, 2002
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      I did indeed buy it. I haven't picked it up, yet, though. He was
      out of town. It appears to be a 10 X 36. It has the QC gearbox. It
      has a steady that was broken and welded. It has the optional cast
      iron legs and optional belt covers. It has an older Enco QC
      toolpost. The ways look good. He said that there was some other
      tooling that went with it. I was looking for a 54" bed for my QC42,
      but now I guess I'll sell the 42, after I disassembled and painted
      the thing. I didn't haggle with him on the $499 price. He said he
      paid $1000 a few years ago and he wanted sell it without a hassle. I
      told him it was a low price. I told him I could wait until he gets
      home on Tuesday. He said he could get his brother to show it to me.
      He said he wanted to be able to say it was sold. He was busy and was
      tired of taking calls about the lathe. He wants something bigger.
      Now if I can get rid of my QC42.........
      Thanks again for the lead.
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