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19624Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: N.S. Tap and Die sources

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  • Bob May
    Aug 2, 2002
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      Sorry, but that answer doesn't cut it. I also read only new messages (that
      is all that is in my Inbox) that I just downloaded.
      When I read a post and decide to reply, that reply is done at that moment by
      hitting the reply button in the menu list and I then type in what I desire
      to reply to the group. I have only one mail list where I have to type in
      the destination and that is because that is the way that that list works. I
      never have a problem with making a new thread start by doing this. A new
      thread starts when the post is done in a fashion that implies a new message
      is being posted. Replies to a post are a different format than the format
      for a new post so you have to be doing the posting in a fashion that invokes
      the New Message format. That's the way that the system works!
      Bob May
      NEW! http://bobmay.astronomy.net
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