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16516Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Re-finishing flat ways

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  • LouD31M066@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2002
      Yeah I got one or two. 1) Engine blocks and heads warp considerable so auto
      machine shop work can involve removing significant thickness of metal whereas
      all you may need with lathe bed is to even up lathe bed wear by accurately
      removing 0.001 or possible a tad more. 2) A surface acceptable to mechanic
      may be flat
      to plus or minus 0.001 or even more under a straight edge whereas a surface
      needed for a true lathe bed my be plus or minus 0.0000 or as close as you can
      The standards of acceptable accuracy between machine tool and products made
      by a machine tool are all downhill. That is a machine can not produce parts
      to a higher level of precision than the machine and usually somewhat less.
      I think you should have a heart to heart to talk with person who is doing the
      and discuss whether his machine and standards of precision will result in an
      improved machine or not. Anyway there is my $0.000000002 worth.

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