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15664Re: [atlas_craftsman] Hardware Stores was Re: New List Member needs Info

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  • Charles Brumbelow
    Feb 1, 2002
      Inventory turnover and gross margins . . . its all about inventory turnover
      and gross margins. Overlooked is the reality that knowing one can find the
      15 cent oddball item is what lures in the customer who sees and ultimately
      buys the lawn tractor, riding mower, or other expensive tool. Charles

      > Victor Musil wrote:
      > > Ah yes I remember them well. Forty five years ago I used to buy at a
      > > real hardware store - things came in boxes or barrels - no bubble wrap
      > > in sight. And I could walk in and say to the owner 'I want to buy a
      > > triple self compensating farbenstrudel model k' only to get the reply 'I
      > > have one but what the hell are you going to do with it?' After I
      > > explained my problem he would reply 'You don't need that expensive
      > > thing - take a couple of eyebolts and ----. Save yourself about $45.00.'
      > > And he was always right. Those were the good old days - and we have
      > > nothing today to compare to them. Mega sob.
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