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1451[atlas_craftsman] Re: Atlas MF/MFC Mills

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  • Jim and Janine Voruz
    Dec 6, 1999
      I would be interested in seeing and making an offer on the arbor and shell
      I have a 12 inch Craftsman/Atlas, and have an MF mill and an Atlas 7
      inch shaper that I rebuilt back in the 70's. I may be able to help you on
      parts lists for your mill. I have the original Clausing exploded parts
      prints circa 1971.
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      Subject: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Atlas MF/MFC Mills

      > I have for sale a milling attachment and an arbor and shell mills, before
      > put this on eBAY I will let anyone here have a shot at it. I thought it
      > for a craftsman but it is definitely for an Atlas. I have nice jpegs if
      > want to see them let me know
      > http://www.ptialaska.net/~vrojas/fik.html
      > John Mickelson
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      > Subject: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Atlas MF/MFC Mills
      > >I have also recently aquired an Atlas MF mill. I have found the
      > >Craftsman equivalent #, 101.15500. There are still several parts that
      > >show up available when you try to order from Sears parts direct. (
      > >www3.sears.com). The sears parts diagrams do not directly cross
      > >reference the Atlas parts diagrams but are close. A few of the
      > >bushings that I have ordered showed up with a Sears part number on the
      > >package so you need bot the Atlas and Sears diagrams. I have not tried
      > >Atlas/Clausing yet as I am still trying to decide what parts I can make
      > >and what parts I need to buy. I have some of the parts diagrams that I
      > >can have copied at Kinko's or similar.
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