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1019[atlas_craftsman] Re: 12" Atlas

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  • Ronald Thibault
    Sep 4, 1999
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      At 01:12 AM 9/2/99 EDT, you wrote:
      >That in a nutshell is why I was thinking 6" 3 Jaw and 8" 4 Jaw. the 6" Chuck
      >will probably do 80 to 90% of what I will be doing and if I need it I will
      >have the 8" 4 Jaw to turn odd shaped stuf or something big. More than likely
      >if it is that big it will be hollow and I can chuck it from the inside with
      >the three jaw. It came with a VERY light 5" three jaw that I think may be a
      >wood lathe chuck. I will try that out when I get it running but I really
      >don't think it will do very well. The chuck is a threaded back and only 1
      >3/4" thick. My 3" three jaw is almost an inch thicke not counting the
      >backplate. Would this chuck be dangerous to try with metal? Is it a normal
      >size for this lathe? It just looks incredibly wimpy to me :)
      >Thanks for all the advise! Now to get busy and sell the 6" lathe so I can go
      >out and buy goodies for the 12" :)
      >Glenn Neff
      >Medford, OR

      I would recommend also figuring on a 6" 4-jaw. I find that it is
      much better for smaller pieces that do not require the 8". I reserve the 8"
      for only those pieces that need its' size. The 8" weighs about 30 pounds
      (plus backplate), and the 6" weighs about 20 pounds with backplate.

      Ron Thibault
      North Augusta, SC USA

      Builder Miinie #2
      Captain R/C Combat Ship USS Arizona
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