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1011[atlas_craftsman] Re: 12" Atlas

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  • Jon Elson
    Sep 2, 1999
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      Ted wrote:

      > Jon,
      > > Well, I got an 8" Phase-II adjustable 3-jaw chuck for my 12" Atlas, and
      > > I'm VERY happy with it. It is a very heavy chuck, and I made the thinnest
      > > backplate I could to keep the weight and overhang down, but it works
      > > VERY well. It is a chore to swap the chuck, but it will hold things that I
      > > just couldn't hold with a 6" chuck.

      It was on sale at Travers Tool for about $169! I almost fell out of my chair
      when I saw the price, because I'm used to chucks like this going for $400 or
      so. It was very high quality, and immediately after mounting it, and putting it
      on center at one size, it would hold anything I could find within .001" TIR.
      Unfortunately, it was a one month sale, about a year ago. I have not seen this
      model on sale since. There was also a 6" version of the same chuck on sale
      at that same time. I think the 6" lists about $250, very roughly.

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