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1009[atlas_craftsman] Re: 12" Atlas

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  • Jon Elson
    Sep 1, 1999
      Harry Wade wrote:

      > At 05:30 PM 9/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
      > >Well, I got an 8" Phase-II adjustable 3-jaw chuck for my 12" Atlas, and
      > >I'm VERY happy with it. (snip)
      > >Jon
      > I'm happy for you Jon. After all, we all find what works best for us
      > depending upon the work we do. I made the mistake of buying a great big
      > ass 8" 3-jaw chuck for my Atlas when I first got it, about 30 years ago,
      > against the recommendations of my mentors, and regretted it every day until
      > I got a light 6" which was much more suited to my use of making model steam
      > engines and locomotives. In the 30 years since then I have owned three
      > Atlas lathes and known the owners of about15 more. Light duty chucks have
      > been preferred by all but one of these.
      > It's as much about the size of the jaws, the width, depth and the
      > typical presence of deep serrations, which are as much a drawback as the
      > weight for a home shop user. Those big jaws are awkward to hopeless for
      > small or delicate work. Again, it depends upon what sort of work you will
      > be doing.

      Yes, it sure depends on the type of work one does. And, I do some larger
      as well as some smaller parts. This chuck has removable top jaws with fairly
      serrations, but they actually haven't gotten in my way once, yet. I could get
      other top jaws, if I needed them, but I haven't found such a need.

      I still DO have my well-worn 6", and there was something I was doing that
      me to go back. I think it was holding a 1.5" or so tube from the inside. The
      chuck won't take anything that small on the smallest inside jaw step. But, the
      3-jaw is not terribly accurate, and there is some taper on the jaws. I
      reground the
      inside of the jaws, but haven't gotten around to the outside faces of the jaws.

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