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1008[atlas_craftsman] Re: 12" Atlas

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  • SLEYKIN@aol.com
    Sep 1, 1999
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      In a message dated 9/1/1999 3:23:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      jmelson@... writes:

      > Well, I got an 8" Phase-II adjustable 3-jaw chuck for my 12" Atlas, and
      > I'm VERY happy with it. It is a very heavy chuck, and I made the thinnest
      > backplate I could to keep the weight and overhang down, but it works
      > VERY well. It is a chore to swap the chuck, but it will hold things that I
      > just couldn't hold with a 6" chuck.
      That in a nutshell is why I was thinking 6" 3 Jaw and 8" 4 Jaw. the 6" Chuck
      will probably do 80 to 90% of what I will be doing and if I need it I will
      have the 8" 4 Jaw to turn odd shaped stuf or something big. More than likely
      if it is that big it will be hollow and I can chuck it from the inside with
      the three jaw. It came with a VERY light 5" three jaw that I think may be a
      wood lathe chuck. I will try that out when I get it running but I really
      don't think it will do very well. The chuck is a threaded back and only 1
      3/4" thick. My 3" three jaw is almost an inch thicke not counting the
      backplate. Would this chuck be dangerous to try with metal? Is it a normal
      size for this lathe? It just looks incredibly wimpy to me :)

      Thanks for all the advise! Now to get busy and sell the 6" lathe so I can go
      out and buy goodies for the 12" :)

      Glenn Neff
      Medford, OR
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