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1007[atlas_craftsman] Re: 12" Atlas

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  • Harry Wade
    Sep 1, 1999
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      At 05:30 PM 9/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >Well, I got an 8" Phase-II adjustable 3-jaw chuck for my 12" Atlas, and
      >I'm VERY happy with it. (snip)

      I'm happy for you Jon. After all, we all find what works best for us
      depending upon the work we do. I made the mistake of buying a great big
      ass 8" 3-jaw chuck for my Atlas when I first got it, about 30 years ago,
      against the recommendations of my mentors, and regretted it every day until
      I got a light 6" which was much more suited to my use of making model steam
      engines and locomotives. In the 30 years since then I have owned three
      Atlas lathes and known the owners of about15 more. Light duty chucks have
      been preferred by all but one of these.
      It's as much about the size of the jaws, the width, depth and the
      typical presence of deep serrations, which are as much a drawback as the
      weight for a home shop user. Those big jaws are awkward to hopeless for
      small or delicate work. Again, it depends upon what sort of work you will
      be doing.

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