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1005[atlas_craftsman] Re: 12" Atlas

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  • Harry Wade
    Sep 1, 1999
      At 03:28 PM 9/1/99 EDT, you wrote:
      >Second what size 3J & 4J chucks should I put on it. I am thinking an 8" 4J
      >and a 6" or 7" 3J.
      >I didn't get much with the lathe but for $100 I think I can do ok,
      >considering there is very little wear on anything I have taken apart so far.

      The chucks you quote are just right. Stay with the 6" 3-jaw. Also, if
      there is a choice go with light or medium duty chuck bodies, the heavy duty
      models are just too heavy for Atlas lathes. The additional mass they have
      will mostly go unused but you will have to pay extra for it and start and
      stop it every time you turn the machine on.

      Harry Wade
      Nashville Tn
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