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Re: [atlantisdev] Re: Eressea: Open Source

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  • Enno Rehling
    Hi Tom, I m not aware that anyone has started a game yet, but there s at least one person trying to get one set up (Hello Gabi). I ve thought about this a
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 21, 2012
      Hi Tom,

      I'm not aware that anyone has started a game yet, but there's at least one person trying to get one set up (Hello Gabi). I've thought about this a while, and I believe there are two or three problems that prevent it (apart from waning interest in this style of game):
      1. Even with the source, a lot of technical knowledge is required to get a game up and running. Not everyone is fluent in C.
      2. The game isn't complete. What I published is the basis for a game, without customizations, and there are some essential bits of Eressea that fall under the label of customization - the spells and monsters, for example.
      3. Eressea is designed to be an open-ended game, and that lends itself poorly to a game you play with half a dozen friends over a weekend.
      I've recently started dog-fooding, meaning I'm using the open source version of the code to build another version of Eressea. There's a group of five of us who are trying to make a "short" version of the game, that is not meant to be open-ended and is suitable for smaller numbers of players. It's early days, we're all strapped for time, live in two wildly different time zones, and have only one C programmer, so this may take time.

      Since I wrote that original email, the primary repository for the source has moved to github. It's now on https://github.com/eressea/server for the basic server. If you're interested in running a game or doing something with the code, I'm always happy to talk about it. Also, I expect that based on some of the debates we are having about our new game, I'll cross-post some of the discussion to this list to get a broader base of opinions on game design.


      On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 5:03 AM, Tom <tom.droeshout@...> wrote:
      Sorry for digging up an old post but just wondering if anyone has tried the eressea code? are there still games running?



      --- In atlantisdev@yahoogroups.com, Enno Rehling <enno.rehling@...> wrote:
      > Hello Atlanteans!
      > I hope somebody will find this useful.
      > Spurred on by the release of Olympia, I have decided that I did not want
      > the source for Eressea to be secret and inaccessible forever, or release
      > only after I have lost interest in it, but rather release it while I'm
      > still around for anyone interested to bombard me with questions.
      > Eressea was originally based on Atlantis 1.0. It has been in development
      > for 13 years, and has been tested in over a dozen different worlds with
      > varying rule-sets, for anything from a quick 50-turn weekend game to the
      > original game which is now in turn 660.
      > Source for this project can be found at http://gitorious.org/eressea
      > While this is the same source that I'm running my two current games
      > from, it does not currently include any of the spells or monsters in
      > those. I'm planning on adding a few generic ones in there as examples,
      > without giving away too much about the strength of dragons or the exact
      > details of the rust spell, etc.
      > Hail Atlantis!
      > Enno.
      > --
      > Eressea Homepage: http://www.eressea.de/


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    • Enno Rehling
      It looks like the address eldericewyrm@yahoo.com has been disabled by Yahoo. The owner sent me an email about Eressea this week, and I m trying to get in
      Message 2 of 10 , Jul 28, 2012
        It looks like the address eldericewyrm@... has been disabled by Yahoo. The owner sent me an email about Eressea this week, and I'm trying to get in touch, and I know he used to read this list:

        On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 9:22 PM, eldericewyrm <eldericewyrm@...> wrote:
        Hello Enno,

        [...] You use Hit point in Eressea, but in Atlantis, there was no HitPoints, only one life (except for some great monsters). The kill is lethal or not. There is no wounded creature like in Eressea.
        But do you store really for each men in an unit the hit point.
        For example, if there is 10 000 men, you store 10 000 values for the hit points ??

        I don't save the hitpoints for every unit. there are currently 12 million men in units controlled by players, if I stored hit points for each of them, that would be a lot of memory (on the order of 12 MB). Eressea stores the hitpoints for a unit (sum of the hitpoints for all men in the unit) in an integer per unit. There are approximately 200K units in the current game, so the total cost of this is 800 KB, and the difference doesn't matter in the bigger picture.

        Before a battle, I split each unit into individual men, and each one has a separate hitpoint counter, but because battles seldom have more than 100K fighters in them, that's also tolerable. The whole world does not fight at the same time. At the end of the battle, I add up all the hitpoints for the survivors in each unit again.

        If you'd like to take a look at the code, it's now on github: https://github.com/eressea/server - after 13 years of patching it up, it's not super pretty or consisten, but there it is.


      • Enno Rehling
        Hail Atlantis! Over the holidays, I finally got around to making all of my game Eressea publicly available. Up until then, only a reduced version of the game
        Message 3 of 10 , Jan 3, 2014
          Hail Atlantis!

          Over the holidays, I finally got around to making all of my game
          Eressea publicly available. Up until then, only a reduced version of
          the game was on github, because I wanted to keep certain stats of
          monsters and spells confidential. Since the two running games are so
          far advanced that none of these things are great secrets any longer, I
          felt it was time to also release the rest of the game.

          The source code is on github, in https://github.com/eressea/server

          A little history about Eressea for those who wonder why the code looks
          so different from A5: This code was forked from German Atlantis (GA),
          which itself was a fork of either Atlantis 1.0 or 2.0 (I can't be
          sure, since most of that code has been replaced). In a way, it's a
          distant cousin to Atlantis 5, who grew up with parents that didn't
          believe in that new-fangled C++ religion.

          There have been several games based on versions of this code, some
          lasting only an extended weekend, but the longest (the second age, or
          E2) currently in turn 858, after 17+ of your earth years. Another
          long-running game, the third age (E3) is in week 237.

          There has been a little bit of interest from people forking the game
          in the past, and I know of one game that got off the ground despite
          the sparse documentation (but because Gabi badgered me until I
          explained things). Feel free to do the same if you like.

          You are welcome,
          If you want to make a donation to the ongoing devleopment and hosting
          of this game, flattr me at https://flattr.com/thing/681354/Eressea
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