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Re: EoFS PBeM game based on pyAtlantis engine

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  • bioboobies
    Those games rocked... I think I d be in to help on this... Also, you mentioned a java server for Atlantis. Who is working on that? d ... start another
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2008
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      Those games rocked... I think I'd be in to help on this...

      Also, you mentioned a java server for Atlantis. Who is working on that?


      --- In atlantisdev@yahoogroups.com, tadis iyhael <iyhael@...> wrote:
      > Disclaimer: This is by no means a design thread. I do not want to
      start another discussion about flying dragon units, heroes, special
      artifacts. It is also not a mail about Atlantis as a game.
      > ______________________________________
      > Hi all,
      > I was wondering how many people are lurking around like me and watch
      Anthony making the new shiny engine in python. Are there still some
      > people that have some itching fingers when it comes to the design
      and production of a pbem game?
      > Me, I was lurking around a long time. From time to time, I contacted
      some Atlantis players and developers. And I feel that while many
      > people are interested to do something, they either often tend to
      repeat the Atlantis story again, or they do not have enough manpower
      > and time to complete a project.
      > Personally, I am fed up of with Atlantis due to various reasons [1].
      Also, I think that there will be a very nice java based engine
      > availible soon - including a webclient [2]. This somehow eliminates
      the need for me to go further and hack around in the Atlantis
      > rulesets, or try to iron out it"s many "features".
      > However, what intrigues me is the re-design and implementation of
      two old classics, namely the turn based graphical game 'Emperror of the
      > Fading Suns' from Hollistic and the nice civilization based pbem
      game 'Prometheus' by M. Kettner. Both games had fundamental flaws, but
      > contained some great design ideas.
      > 1) simultanous movement of all factions in a turn
      > Essentially, the entire EoFS gameplay had to be revamped because of
      > this feature: economy, military, voting, etc. However, it would make
      > those games much faster.
      > 2) Adaptation to the pybem engine
      > 3) graphical turn display (see prometheus)
      > The report from the engine is parsed and transferred into a
      graphical map output, giving something like the jpg image of the
      > map of the EOFS game. Units are displayed as icons, and each
      planetery/space map is commented with some text. I do understand that
      such a project would require a lot of effort, and I would find it only
      doable with a larger group of interested people, who would contribute
      not only ideas, but also code, graphics, testing, and so on, and I
      wonder if we have the potential here to do such a project, or if the
      group had run dry of active game developers.
      > Regards,
      > Piotr
      > [1] search the list. There are plenty of reasons :)
      > [2] type "menouthis pbem" into your favourite search engine
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