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Re: Missing functionality in Atlantis plus

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  • Geoff Dunbar
    Hmm, I m not sure I was totally clear. Also, note that I haven t looked at the plus code, so I don t know how it is organized. I consider the stuff in the main
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2000
      Hmm, I'm not sure I was totally clear. Also, note that I haven't
      looked at the plus code, so I don't know how it is organized.

      I consider the stuff in the main directory (game.cpp, etc) to be the
      basic game engine.

      The stuff in the subdirectories (standard, conquest) is specific to a
      given rule-set of Atlantis.

      When different rule-sets require different behaviors in the basic
      game-engine, my preference is that the different behavior be
      controlled by the GameDefs, not by #ifdef's. For instance, notice
      that Standard Atlantis has special leader units. The simpler Atlantis
      Conquest does not; every unit is the same. This behavior is
      controlled by the GameDefs variable LEADERS_EXIST.

      Other differences (like the available items, objects, skills, etc)
      that are specified in the rule-set specific sources (like rules.cpp,
      etc) do not require any special treatment, because there is different
      source code for the different rule-sets.

      Hope this clears up my intentions.


      --- In atlantisdev@egroups.com, "Lucas de Jonge" <Lucas.Dejonge@s...>
      > OK, I buy that.
      > You would prefer to have everything in Gamedefs, but doesn't that
      make some things - like modifying the order of some tables in Plus, a
      bit difficult?
      > I was working on bring all my aPlus copy in #ifdefs with all the
      bug fixes and changes from the 4.0.4 source.
      > I will happily rebuild it all around Gamedefs.
      > I think its very important that we can easily add and remove
      features from the game - it is after all fantasy, and everybody has
      very different tastes.
      > One database change I think which could be useful (but o so hard)
      is to change all the value dependent tokens, i.e. from item type 0 is
      LEAD, item type 1 is VIKI, to writing the tokens themselves into the
      Game.in/out. That would solve the tables problem. It would increase
      run time and space, but I don't think thats much of an issue.
      > This would get rid of the very problematical issue of who does an
      update to the tables when. I know many people are keen to add items
      and buildings.
      > Any comments anyone?
      > >>> gdunbar@p... 31/08/2000 23:23:59 >>>
      > Just a quick note:
      > If possible, I'd prefer that different rules be defined by the
      > GameDefs structure (defined in gamedefs.h, generally filled out in
      > rules.cpp). This has 2 advantages:
      > 1) You don't have to recompile all the source to change an option,
      > just the rules.cpp file.
      > 2) The eventual goal is to have one Atlantis executable able to run
      > different types of Atlantis games. If the rules are controlled by a
      > structure, the different types of games just use different
      > of the structure, rather than requiring separately compiled code.
      > Note that #2 may well never happen, but it's a worthy goal.
      > Geoff
      > --- In atlantisdev@egroups.com, "Lucas de Jonge"
      > wrote:
      > > Atlantis plus has the feature to increase production in certain
      > things if you happen to have the appropriate tools. However it
      > that even if you had the tools, production did not change.
      > around in the Atlantis plus source I discovered that the code seems
      > to be unimplemented!
      > >
      > > I have now implemented it in a test version for myself, but I
      > some pointers on how this should be done. I have put in an
      > figure of a 10% production increase (rounded down) for this
      > as it seemed reasonable to me, but I would like people to convince
      > if it should be otherwise.
      > >
      > > The coding change was expensive in that I had to modify the Items
      > table to add an extra field to each record. This also impacted
      > several other modules.
      > >
      > > I will release the code to anybody who wants it, but I won't put
      > up here until there has been some discussion.
      > >
      > > I am also considering unifying the sources for Atlantis 4.0.4 and
      > Atlantis 4.0.4 plus with a stack of #ifdefs. Any opinions? What
      > changes not in the current source which must be added?
      > >
      > > Lucas de Jonge
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