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Re: [atlantisdev] Warehouse

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  • Alhaam
    Hi JT, Thanks for the summary - it all makes much more sense now, event through the VODK haze (who was it that proposed vodka for troops? :-) And is pepper
    Message 1 of 31 , Nov 1, 2002
      Hi JT,

      Thanks for the summary - it all makes much more sense now, event through the
      VODK haze (who was it that proposed vodka for troops? :-) And is pepper
      vodka better than normal vodka?)

      Having read through the proposal, I'd say it's almost perfect ;-) I would
      like to comment on two aspects however:

      1) Can the transport order use a unit number instead of a hex ref?
      Syntax would then be TRANSPORT <unit> <num> <item>
      This seems more consistent with the distribute order.

      2) Having the quartermaster skill seems completely pointless and
      unnecessarily complicated. You already have the need for a structure, and
      you've got two new orders which count towards trade points. Adding a skill
      is overkill. And what would be the benefit of studying to QUAM 5? If there
      isn't one, then this activity is not a 'skill'. And if you're going to
      restrict some aspect of this further by level of Quartermaster skill, then
      it'll probably not be worth using and players will just setup couriers
      instead. Just make the owner of the warehouse the quartermaster.



      > The idea proposed by Craig is what I'm intending. I believe the
      > information below covers everything, but it's possible I could be missing
      > something as I'm not referring to all of my notes while typing this, but
      > instead relying on memory.
      > Warehouses are structures. There will be a quartermaster skill. Number
      > of quartermasters will be limited based on number of trade points.
      > Quartermasters will be able to issue DISTRIBUTE <unit> <num> <item>. The
      > Distribute order acts as a trade use in the hex (same as
      > BUILD/PRODUCE/Buying trade goods) Distribute is an instant order, and will
      > occur in the distribution phase which will come right after gate transport
      > but before upkeep. Distribution range will be a limited number of hexes.
      > That number will be configurable via a gamedef (LOCAL_TRANSPORT) and will
      > default to 1. All units will be able to use the TRANSPORT order, which
      > has a syntax of TRANSPORT <num> <item> <hex loc> (IE, TRANSPORT 10 VODK 10
      > 11 1). Transport will NOT be able to cross levels. Use of the transport
      > order will count as a trade use in the hex where it is issued. If the
      > unit is NOT a quartermaster, the distance on the transport is limited to
      > LOCAL_TRANSPORT hexes distance. If the unit IS a quartermaster AND is the
      > owner of a warehouse, then the unit may transport goods to another
      > warehouse up to some number of hexes away. This distance
      > (NONLOCAL_TRANSPORT) will be configurable via gamedef and will default to
      > 3. Long-distance transport WILL cost a shipping fee based on weight which
      > will be controlled via gamedef (SHIPPING_COST) which will default to 5
      > silver per AWU. The money for shipping (for longrange) and the items to
      > be transported MUST exist in the initiating unit's inventory at the time
      > of order parsing (this prevents multiple hops during one turn with the
      > same 'load') TRANSPORT is an instant order and executes during the
      > distribution phase after distribute has occured. Men may not be
      > distributed or transported, nor may mounts or livestock be transported
      > long distance. At least one warehouse staffed by a quartermaster must
      > exist in the target hex or the transport order will fail.
    • JT
      ... Hash: SHA1 ... Yes, it just seems that the talking was going nowhere and so... ... I am going forward with the last summary. - --JT - --
      Message 31 of 31 , Nov 2, 2002
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        On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, tmartel_99 wrote:
        > There will *always* be dissenting voices, no matter what the subject may
        > be. :)

        Yes, it just seems that the talking was going nowhere and so...

        > Are you going forward with your last summary (Message 3893) or something
        > new?

        I am going forward with the last summary.

        - --JT

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