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  • ozmanusaa
    Oct 14, 2009
      Hi Amy,

      No, not redundant at all. CoPS will be a stand alone website that has some procedural similarities to Wikipedia, but is geared completely to pre-Columbian American archeology, anthropology, and history (prehistory) and the supporting sciences related to those (geology, climatology, etc).

      Contact is not necessarily the primary driver of CoPS, preserving sites and artifacts is even more important than learning all we can by digging them up. It will also be a repository, a relational database of pertinent information, including sections on everything from scientific method to preserving provenance and collecting evidence, testing and sample prep / preservation, tools and equipment, vendor lists, bibliographies, and many other references applicable to both trained and avocational researchers. And it will never be complete...

      This group is a good place for folks to gather to discuss some of these matters regarding contact evidence. CoPS will be a place to learn how to handle evidence and a place to learn what others have found. It will also have other functions.  I'll add a link directly to the presentation that explains the concept of CoPS as it exists right now, but the concept will evolve.

      I have a promise for funding that will cover construction, maintenance, and hosting costs for the website. I will need volunteers for several aspects (documents researchers, editorial and selections, data entry, etc --  and that list will grow).

      Please pardon the comparison, but CoPS is kind of a planned pregnancy. We want this child, but we have to build it a nursery, fund its college education, buy all its text books, and establish its credentials before it's even fertilized.

      Yes, it will include discussion forums, both public and restricted. But all those will be intended for discussion directly related to the CoPS content, so this is not redundant.


      --- In atlantic_conference@yahoogroups.com, "anuchild" <anuchild@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ozman,
      > Can you please tell me more about COPS? Is this group going to be redundant? Let me know please:)
      > Amy
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