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  • ozmanusaa
    Oct 12, 2009
      Thanks, Amy,

      I added a links folder that I hope grows and becomes an oft used reference: "Testing Labs". I started it with a list of labs that do C-14 testing. Many more will follow.

      --- In atlantic_conference@yahoogroups.com, "anuchild" <anuchild@...> wrote:
      > Dear Companions,
      > I set it up so anyone in the group can add links. I ask if you add a bunch to please break them down into the topic areas I have folders for, or add a folder ro make your own folder with your name to put all yours in and we will break them into the categories later:)
      > I made it possible to upload photos as well, though with moderator approval so we do not get anything scary:) Please put a description under your photos and we will create a folder for your work.
      > On files, please upload them yourself. Make sure you have EVERYTHING dated and do not publish something you do not wish others to think about, run with, or otherwise consider a great idea they need to try too.
      > The database is voluntary if you wish to have your information known in the group.
      > Have a Great Day!
      > Amy
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