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THFG positions still open!

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  • Marijean Levering
    Hello! The ATHE conference is fast approaching and we still have several slots that need to be filled in the Theatre History Focus Group. The committee is
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      The ATHE conference is fast approaching and we still have several slots that need to be filled in the Theatre History Focus Group.  The committee is very excited to see how many new scholars have volunteered for service, and we hope to see a few more, but we would also like to see some of our more experienced members run for office so that we get a mix of perspectives. 
      Although you are welcome to run for any position, the following positions are in greatest need of interested parties:
      -Vice Chair
      -Nominating Committee
      Please remember that you are welcome to recommend people to us also.  We will be happy to contact them.  Descriptions of the positions can be found below, and are also attached so that they are in a more printer friendly format. 
      Interested parties should send an e-mail to either Marijean Levering mlevering@... or Karin Maresh kmaresh@... with a bio (see below for more details).  Please feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues that you believe may be interested in these positions.  We need your help getting the word out. 

      Open Positions


      Vice Chair: conducts meetings in the absence of the Chair, attends the all conference programming meeting held during the annual ATHE conference, assists Chair in conference planning, administers adjudicated panels.  Vice-Chair is Chair-Elect.  Two-year position.


      Treasurer: assists with the leadership of the focus group, may apply for grants with ATHE.


      Secretary: takes minutes at meetings, publishes and distributes the focus group's newsletter, contributes and/or edits articles to the ATHE newsletter, maintains an updated mailing list of the membership, corresponds with newly-designated members, records attendance at Theatre History panels at the ATHE annual conference.  One-year position.


      Graduate Student Rep: assists with the leadership of the focus group, acts as a liaison with graduate students, helps recruit graduate students for the focus group.


      Nominating Committee: present a slate of candidates for election at the annual meeting, at least two people for each position (four for the nominating committee)



      What we need from you in paragraph form (as is applicable to you):

      * Your current position and school (ex: Assistant Professor at Southern University.  Students, tell us where you are and what you are studying)

      * your educational background (where you received your degrees and the focus of your programs)

      * your research interests

      *  presentations, articles, and/or books 

      *  involvement in ATHE

      * involvement in other theatre organizations

      * anything else you think might be relevant to your candidacy


      Do not worry if you have not done some of these things!  This is how you get started.



      THFG Nominating Committee

      Karin Maresh, Marijean Levering


      Karin Maresh, Ph.D.

      Assistant Professor

      Dept. of Theatre and Communication

      Washington & Jefferson College

      60 S. Lincoln St.

      Washington, PA 15301

      724-503-1001 x3342



      Marijean Levering, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor of Theatre
      Utica College
      1600 Burrstone Road
      Utica, NY 13502
      (315) 792-3234

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