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Call for panelists - "Theater, Crisis and Survival"

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  • Jonathan_Shandell
    In response to the ATHE 2010 Conference theme Theater Alive: Theater, Media and Survival, I am putting together a panel that focuses on theaters groups
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2009
      In response to the ATHE 2010 Conference theme "Theater Alive: Theater, Media and Survival," I am putting together a panel that focuses on theaters groups and/or artists responding to crises that threaten their survival. I'm conceiving of this theme broadly, and interested in learning about essays that address these or other topics:
      • Playwrights writing within contexts of political or social upheaval, and how their drama responds to real threats.
      • Theater companies facing political or economic threats to their viability, and how they respond.
      • Theorists reckoning with the question of the survival and/or extinction of a particular movement or trend in the theater, or with the project of defining how theater artists can contribute to the survival of a nation or culture.
      • Audiences whose attendance at performances constitutes a response to moments of crisis.

      My own essay will be in American theater history, but I'm open to proposing this panel as a multidisciplinary one as well. Additionally, my work will also address the use of media in the response to crisis, so I would be particularly interested in learning of other essay proposals that can tie the ideas of "media" and "survival" from the conference theme together. If you are interested in participating in this panel proposal, please email me with a brief inquiry and description of the essay that you would like to include. Thanks very much.

      Jonathan Shandell
      Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
      Arcadia University
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