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2377USS Athene/USS horizon : A new program...

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  • kallesin666
    Dec 23, 2004
      USS Athene/USS horizon : A new program...

      <Snip from Gwen>

      "...So people, for the rest I can only thank you all for the time we
      have spend together. You all were a great team and I hope we will be
      joined again when the time is ready for it. Dismissed and good luck in
      your new assignment !"

      <End of Snip>

      ***Scene : USS Athene, Ready Room***

      The android officer went up to the captain. He hold out a hand to
      Doon and smiled. "I am honoured to have served with you, Sir" he
      said. Doon nodded "The pleasure was ll mine, Lt. I must say I had
      hoped to spend more time with you, I always was curious about how you
      ended up with Starfleet." Kallesin looked for a moment to Doon and
      cocked his head "How I ended up with Starfleet I don't know, Sir,
      since my service at Starfleet is not yet over."

      Doon laughed "That is just an expression, Lt. Not a thing to take
      literally. Anyway, I heard you have been re-assigned to the Horizon.
      I envy you. She is a beauty. Serve her well, Lt !"

      Kallesin nodded "I will try my best, Sir. Thank you for everything
      and I hope we meet again in the future !" With those words he left
      for a shuttlebay, he already had packed his things and was ready to
      leave the Athene.

      ***Scene : USS Horizon, shuttlebay 1***

      Kallesin stepped out the D-warp shuttle which just had delivered him
      from the Athene to the next ship that would be his home , the USS Horizon.

      This ship was big, it was a bit larger then the USS Athene. Kallesin
      had never seen the new Threin - class starships before, but he had
      downloaded the specs from the SFA databanks. For him it was not much
      different then loading a new software update or a new program. So he
      knew his way around here and he had no trouble finding his way to the

      He stepped on to the bridge and saluted to the officer in command
      "Lt<Jg> `n Galeda reports for duty on the USS Horizon, Sir" he stated.
      "I am fully functional and ready to resume my duties."

      He hold out his PADD and waited for a response.

      <Tag anyone, specially Don>


      Hi all, just a short post to get my character on board. I will post
      an updated Bio-file soon and I hope I will be able to uphold your
      standards !


      David Martens, dav1666@...
      lieutenant <jg> Kallesin `n Galeda
      Chief Science Department USS Horizon