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2375USS Athene/joined mission : a helping hand

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  • teelallein
    Nov 19, 2004
      USS Athene/joined mission : a helping hand

      Stardate 16.1019.1135

      Scene : USS Yeager, Stardrive Section, Battle Bridge

      <snip from Ruud (post 705)>

      Ensign Teel'a and the other officers from the Athene had also been
      taken aboard and would be
      put to use where needed. As the Yeager returned to her designated
      location, Gabriel and Mara arrived on the bridge.

      <End of Snip>

      Teel'a and the others had been transported back to the Yeager. She
      had no clue what was going on with her own ship, The Athene, but she
      hoped everything was well there. For now she had to give her best
      here. Mara and Gabriel rushed on to the bridge to take their
      rightfull positions, Teel'a rushed along to join them, she might help
      in tactical or anywhere else.

      <snip from Ruud (post 705)>

      There was an explosion at the back of the bridge. "Structural
      integrity is failing!" Wren warned.

      "Helm, full reverse," Rudolf shouted over another explosion. A plasma
      tube on the port side had caught fire and an unpleasant heat spread
      around the bridge.

      <End of Snip>

      She hated the heat and the feeling of being surrounded with these
      emotions and fears. Her mind tried to block out all but in a strange
      way she could feel each and every emotion on the bridge, then as fast
      as it has struck her it was gone. Teel'a grabbed a fire-extinguisher
      and helped to put out the fire.

      Debris was all over the bridge, small fire sprung from destroyed
      consoles chairs where ripped from their place and thrown all over the
      place. She managed to pull one of the crewmember aside when a
      viewscreen exploded, a piece of metal or glass ripped her uniform and
      gave her a scar at her cheek. She folded her ears to protect them
      from the noise her whiskers trembled and her fur stood straight up.
      This was not going good.

      <snip from Tanja (post 704)>

      H er eyes where focussed on the consoles in front of her, medical
      teams where gathering the wounded and dragged them to safety and out
      to sickbay. The ships squeaked and the sound of metal being bend and
      stretched till the edges of what the hull could take was heard all over.

      <End of Snip>

      "Permission to join the ERT, Ma'am, she addressed Lt Thull.

      The Klingon gave the feline a quick glance and nodded "Get there as
      quick as possible, drag out the living and restore whatever integrity
      is possible. Just keep the ship in one piece."

      Teel'a nodded and rushed out to the most damaged decks, she grabbed an
      fireproof suit so she could work in safety and tried to get her head
      in the to small helmet so she could get oxygen and was protected from
      the heat.

      Scene : USS Yeager, Stardrive Section, Deck 12

      The chaos was immense; door had been ripped and bend like they where
      only paper, a hull breach only covered by the emergency-shielding
      showed the dark space and stars out there. For a moment she stared
      outside to look at the battle, it was like only a dream to see the
      starships float in space, phasorfire lighting up the shielding and the
      stars shimmer like nothing was happening. Then she dragged her
      attention to the surrounding again. Half covered under a piece of the
      ceiling was a Bajoran, Teel'a nodded to one of her companions and
      together they start working the debris away. The medical team dragged
      the Bajoran from under the plating, one of his legs was broken and he
      had a concussion, but he would live.

      In the corner they found another on, but here all help was to late,
      the head and torso where in such an angle that a first glimp learned
      there was no more they could do. Teel'a kneeled and closed the eyes
      of the victim and hold her hand to her heart for a moment in a final
      respect, then she rushed on, as Mara had said this was not the time
      to grieve.

      Suddenly the ship moved again and trembled. Sparks where everywhere
      and the rip in the hull became a little bit bigger. Quickly the ERT
      started to adjust anchors and magnetic clamps that would hold the hull
      together, at least for the moment.

      "Teel'a to Bridge, keep her at ease, don't make any hasty manoeuvres,
      she can't take much more or we will have much more troubles with the
      hull !"

      [Understood, we try to work smooth as we can, Bridge out.]

      In what seemed forever they kept working in the smoke and falling
      debris but finally they got the last living person out this section.
      The Emergency Repair Team made the final adjustments and sealed the
      deck as tight as possible. Each shielding had a backup generator,
      magnetic clamps where attached to keep the hull together. They left
      the deck and sealed all entries with shielding, then the cut of the
      main energy-lines and rerouted them to the rest of the ship. For now
      this deck didn't needed heating or lights or anything at all and the
      Yeager could use every bit of energy.

      Teel'a was exhausted, the suit was filled with the smell of sweat and
      smoke and burning fur. She stumbled back a bit and sank on the floor
      to rest for a moment, she hoped the worst would be over for now.

      **End RPG**

      Hello all, It has been a while since I posted, personal matters (I
      moved to live with my Fiancé) had took up much more time then
      expected. I hope we will be able to post again (oh, for the ones
      curious : Me and David (playing Kallesin at the Athene) are now
      engaged and living together.)


      Gwen, playing Ensign Teel'a Hgwashh Nergh An'allein