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2374USS ATHENE [CSS AUDITOR]: Another Way Down

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  • Ruud Visser
    Oct 22, 2004
      SD. 16.1022.1558 (GMT+0200)

      -¦- Scene: CSS Auditor, Main Bridge -¦-
      -¦- Time: Right after Susanne's post -¦-

      The explosions came with no warning. One moment, Ian was working in
      relative calm as they were pursuing the CSS Prosecutor--where,
      apparently, the elusive Lt<jg> Cady had moved to now--and the next
      moment, the ship quaked and shuddered like one's worst nightmare.

      "Report!" It was Lt. Seldon's voice, but it sounded muffled and
      came from somewhere else than where Ian had last seen the acting
      captain. And Ian, too, was not where he was supposed to be. Pulling
      himself up on a railing, he gritted his teeth as a jolt of pain shot
      through his left knee. He must have injured it when he fell down, but
      now was not the best time to be concerned about that. He limped to the
      tactical console to see if he could give some sort of report to Seldon,
      whom he caught crawling out from underneath the command chair. Whatever
      had happened, it had actually knocked the chair a few metres across the

      "Multiple explosions throughout the ship," Ensign Davidovitch said.
      His operations station looked mostly unharmed. "All just outside
      critical areas, it looks like."

      Ian managed to get something useful out of his own console. "I have
      one on the deck below main engineering, directly underneath the warp
      core. There were two more at the base of the engine nacelles, one near
      the armoury, and one--"

      "--right here," Seldon finished. She was standing at the edge of a
      ragged hole in the bridge's floor, just behind where her command chair
      had been and just in front of where the raised aft part began. Ian bent
      forward over his console and looked straight down onto the floor of
      deck three. Judging by the table and chairs he saw, it was probably a
      mess hall of some kind. "Casualties, Mr. Davidovitch?"

      "Sickbay reports at least half a dozen wounded, but no fatalities
      so far," Davidovitch said. He was sitting far enough in front of the
      blast to have escaped with no physical trauma.

      Seldon grimaced as she looked from the gaping hole to the command
      chair and back. "I'm beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea to
      take this ship."

      "Probably--" Ian started to say, but a shout from below interrupted
      him. It was Lt<jg> Einicrox, looking up from two floors down.

      "Lt. Seldon! What was that?"

      "Just what it looks like, Ensign. I mean, Lieutenant," Seldon
      corrected. "Courtesy of our Telmarcian friends, no doubt."

      Einicrox let go of another of those Andorian curses, followed by
      something muttered under her breath, of which Ian could only make out
      the words "traitor" and "Cady". In truth, though, Ian didn't think Cady
      had anything to do with the explosions, but that was more of a feeling
      than anything concrete.

      "Lt. Seldon, I believe I have an explanation as to why the
      explosion occurred on deck two instead of on the bridge," Lt<jg> 'n
      Galeda said in that palaverous manner of his. "I have familiarized
      myself with the tactical layout of this vessel. In addition to the
      regular deflectors around the outer hull, I have found that all of the
      ship's critical areas are also internally shielded. Amongst other
      things, this decreases the probability of harmful objects being beamed
      directly into these areas."

      "But if the Telmarcians did indeed beam a couple of bombs aboard,
      how did they get through the outer shields?" Seldon asked.

      "It is quite possible the repair drones were used as transporter
      conduits, or otherwise to disrupt our shields momentarily to the point
      of being penetrable by a narrow transporter beam." Ian wondered why the
      android didn't appear at Einicrox's side, but there was probably a good
      reason for it.

      "Couldn't these drones have carried the actual explosives?"

      "That it also a possibility," 'n Galeda admitted. "In any case, the
      drones were probably a means rather than a goal in itself. I have just
      finished a more detailed analysis of the virus they carried, and I do
      not think it would have caused significant damage to our systems."

      "A diversion." Einicrox spat out the word like it was one of her
      curses. "Have us check out these drones, so we don't see the bombs they
      brought aboard." Her antennae swayed irritably. "Well, it scuffing

      "Don't be so sure of that, Lieutenant," Ian responded. "I'll admit
      the explosions scared the heck out of me, and I injured my knee when I
      lost my footing, but that's about all." Actually, his knee was hurting
      quite badly now, even if he kept his weight on only his right leg.
      Still, there were other matters to worry about first. "No one was
      killed, no critical systems were damaged. All we have is some holes in
      the deck plating."

      Seldon turned towards him. "Ensign, are you saying these explosions
      are just another diversion?"

      Ian shrugged. "It worked once. Why not try it a second time?"

      NRPG: So... what is the _real_ threat for the Auditor's crew?


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