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  • Ruud Visser
    Oct 21, 2004
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      SD. 16.1021.1626 (GMT+0200)

      -¦- Scene: CSS Auditor, Main Bridge -¦-

      So, there he was. Right in the middle of a war, on a confiscated
      enemy ship. Ensign Ian Hollander, assistant CSO of the Athene, was one
      of the people to come over from that ship to help out the Horizon's
      skeleton crew on the Auditor. But even with the reinforcements from the
      Yeager and the Athene, the ship remained dangerously understaffed.

      Someone had been kind enough to reprogram the entire computer in
      Federation Standard. Unfortunately, unlike on Federation vessels, not
      all the controls on the weapons console had a computer-generated label.
      There were also some buttons with no label whatsoever. Ian just hoped
      he only had to use the ones whose inscription he could read. Of course,
      it didn't help that the Telmarcians didn't seem to trust the ship's
      computer when it came to performing even the most basic tasks--just
      like they didn't trust the Federation to administrate the Cocoon Portal
      fairly--so there were twice as many monitoring screens and meters and
      whatnots than on the much larger Athene.

      Outside, and shown on the too-small viewscreen at the front of the
      bridge, two squadrons from the Emerald Fleet were engaged in fighting
      the thirty-odd enemy vessels, chasing each other around the immobile
      form of OP721. Now and then one was destroyed, eliciting sighs of
      relief or exasperation depending on what side it belonged to.

      In a brief communiqué, Admiral Tergin welcomed the Auditor,
      Manticore, Athene, Horizon, Yeager, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth
      Blackwell, Dakota and Renegade to the fray with instructions on how to
      tackle the Telmarc threat. In short, the idea was to show them all hell
      and defend the Outpost at all costs.

      They were just moving into their designated attack formation, when
      Cmdr. Burke called from the Horizon.

      <snip from Susanne, and more ahead>

      >[Lt. Cady has beamed over to the Telmarc ship bearing 095 mark 35. Spec
      >Ops is about to retrieve him.]


      Ian didn't know this Lt<jg> Cady, and from all the conflicting
      things he heard about this guy--or man? Or boy?--he wasn't able to form
      a clear picture. Some, like the newly promoted Lt<jg> Einicrox,
      believed him to be a traitor. Others thought he was the cutest boy in
      the quadrant, and believed he'd done nothing wrong. Most people hung
      somewhere in between, and so did Ian. But Burke's words here were clear
      enough. Cady had escaped custody, and if he was guilty of nothing else,
      than at least of that.

      Right next to Ian at the tactical console, Einicrox hissed like an
      angry cat. Andorians weren't known for their kindness, but where Cady
      was concerned, Einicrox was all animosity. Thinking about the infamous
      leader of the Horizon's SpecOps team--Lt. Anakin, or something--Ian
      wondered if the skin colour had something to do with the fierce

      Calming down a little--just a little--she looked something up in
      the ship's database before responding to Burke with a plan to help the
      SpecOps team retrieve Cady. She wanted to cut the Capital Market off
      from the rest of the Telmarc Fleet, allowing SpecOps to work in
      relative peace. The only flaw that Ian could see was the use of the
      Auditor to do the cutting off. He didn't look forward to fighting off
      Telmarcians in a ship he hardly knew, and much more so because the
      enemy knew it all the better. Then again, he'd have that problem
      anywhere in the battle, so he might as well face it here. Perhaps the
      Andorian's plan would actually work.

      >"Helm bring us as close the the CAPITAL
      >MARKET as possible and hug her as if she were your child. Understood ?"
      >Vymora was already at work to fullfill her part of the plan.
      >"Guns - fire at will on any enemy ship that tries to get between uns
      >the CAPITAL MARKET.

      Einicrox went right on with more orders, so Ian didn't bother
      acknowledging his. Instead, he just set to executing them. One of the
      Profits--the CSS Prosecutor, his console informed him--broke formation
      and came after them. He allowed the helm officer a moment to stabilize
      the ship, locked on target, and fired the forward phase cannons. The
      Prosecutor deftly moved aside.

      *Getting evasive, eh?* Ian snickered. The Prosecutor was coming at
      them head on, leaving them only so many directions to evade the
      Auditor's weapons. Ian launched a new volley, followed a fraction of a
      second later by another one to the right and one to the left. He scored
      a direct hit when the Prosecutor jumped to the left to evade the
      central blast. Their shields flared as they struggled to absorb the
      energy and the ship changed its approach vector to one more tactically

      Another Profit turned towards the Auditor, coming at them from the
      opposite side. Much closer by, the Capital Market was trying to keep
      its distance, but the Auditor's helm followed with the persistance of a
      child looking for candy.

      > "Sir" a former ATHENE officer now operating the sensors of the AUDITOR
      >reported, "We have two Telmarc ships decending down on us."

      "One is coming around to port, the other to starboard," the sensors
      officer added.

      "Targeting the lead vessel," Ian announced, unleashing another
      spray of phaser fire on the Prosecutor. At the same time, both enemies
      fired their weapons, assaulting the Auditor from both sides. The bridge
      shuddered a bit, but that was all.

      "Shields are holding," Einicrox said, only to add, "I think." Ian
      cast a quick glance to his left and noticed the Andorian's confusion
      over the alien controls.

      The Capital Market suddenly came to a full stop, and the Auditor
      was forced to do the same. Ian was afraid they were going to do that.
      Hovering right above the Capital Market, the other two Telmarc vessels
      didn't have a clear shot at the Auditor's belly or even its sides, but
      its top was wide open for attack. Einicrox was reinforcing the shields
      there, but it certainly wasn't a situation they could endure for a long
      time. Problem was, as soon as they moved away, the Capital Market was
      pretty much free to go anywhere. Their best hope, it seemed, was a
      quick apprehension of Cady.

      "Sir," the sensors officer started and fell silent. After a brief
      hesitation, he continued, "Sir, I hope I'm reading this incorrectly,
      but it looks like the Capital Market has opened several hatches in its
      dorsal hull. Things that look like... like repair drones are heading
      towards our ship." Repair drones, perhaps, but they wouldn't come to do
      do any repairs.

      "Ops, can you beam them away?" Lt. Seldon asked. Ian checked if he
      could perhaps reach them with his weapons, but there was no chance.

      "Negative, captain. They're equipped with some kind of dampening

      The sensors officer turned around. "The first one just attached
      itself to our hull."

      NRPG: Just putting an old Athene char of mine to use :-)

      Tag, Susanne & Peter!


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