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2371USS Athene/Joint misison : adjustments...

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  • kallesin666
    Oct 5, 2004
      USS Athene/Joint misison : adjustments...

      <Snip from Susanne Dubrov,Post 645 : Physicś Slingshots>

      "...Frankly, I held them back as a last ditch defense. Maybe these
      torpedoes can be modified to break down the shields of the other
      PROFIT-class ships, maybe they can even be turned into a sort of
      radiation beacon that emit a constant pulse of quantum radiation
      rather than an
      explosive single burst. Of course this is only a theory and it would
      require a far better technician than me to make it work but it could
      give us an edge and we need every edge we can get in this battle."

      <End of Snip>

      The android officer had heard the theoretisation of Ensign Vymora.
      "Immediately his mind was filled with possibilities and he interrupted
      the conversation "I am sorry to interrupt, Sir's, Ma'am,, I have
      overheard this matter and I believe there are several possibilities to
      work with. The idea of Ensign Vymora is certainly not bad, we could
      install a single modular containment field inside the torpedo shell
      that could hold the Quantum radiation, replace the detonators with a
      less heavy type so the explosion is not sett in as rapidly as when the
      normal torpedo explodes and install several iso-linear optical chips
      to guide the radiation to an laserpulse that would carry the quantum
      radiation in one direction. In that way..."

      [Lt `n Galeda...] his monologue was interrupted by the voice of
      commander Burke [can you, or can you not make this work in time ?]

      Kallesin cocked his head "I can , Sir, I will not guarantee every
      torpedo will work as a quantum beacon or it will work as it is
      theoretical possible, after all it has never been done. But I am
      certain that I can rebuild several torpedos to an adjusted quantum
      radiation beacon."

      [Make it so, Lt, but don't modify every torpedo, if the idea doesn't
      works out we still might need some normal quantum torpedo's to break
      their shields down.]

      Kallesin nodded and turned towards Vymora "That was a very clever
      idea, Ensign." Vymora glimmered and accepted the compliment happily.

      The android went to see the CO, Roman Davidovitch. Sir, I have heard
      you have been reprogramming the computers of the Auditor, that is a
      remarkable job given the circumstances. I could use a keen mind and e
      second pair of hands to help" Hel looked at his hands and smiled
      "offcourse not literally meant , I wouldn't want to work with 4 hands,
      however that might be handy in some situations."

      <tag to Susanne and Peter>

      Davidovitch looked up to the ceiling *Why do androids always tend to
      be talking so much... ? ...* He looked at Vymora and nodded "Take the
      bridge; Ensign, I will be with the Lt working on the Torpedo's. Keep
      me posted of our situation and when we are at 30 minutes from Outpost
      721 give me a sign so I can get back to the bridge."

      Both men rushed to engineering to pick up some tools and got straight
      ahead to the weapons department where they both crawled into the
      torpedo bays. The android opened up the compartments and called up a
      schematics from the quantum torpedo's, he didn't had to dismantle the
      torpedo completely because he could work from the schematics and
      follow each wire as if he would see it with his own eyes. Feeling it
      with his sensitive hands was enough.

      Davidocitch reprogrammed the containmen-field - projectors and
      adjusted the small lasercanons. As soon as he had adjusted one he
      handed it to Kallesin who installed it and re-routed the wired and
      fibres inside the torpedo. Both men worked as fast as they could,
      buts till it took sa while to adjust a torpedo.

      *** Scene: CSS AUDITOR, torpedo bay ***
      *** Time : some hours later, about 1 hour before arrival at Outpost
      721 ***

      Kallesin sealed the final torpedo and stood up, Davidovitch stretched
      his back and yawned. Both men had been working for hours to adjust
      the torpedo's. Davidovitch had been surprised by the speed and the
      secure way the android had made the adjustments, it would have taken
      him hours to adjust only one torpedo but together they had done no
      less then seven torpedo's.

      When they worked properly it would be possible to let the torpedo's
      pierce the shielding with a very concentrated ray of quantum radiation
      and keep in position while spraying the shields of the Telmarc ships
      with quantum - radiation. That would weaken the shields enough to
      give the Federation ships a chance to slam through the shield with
      their weapons.

      Lt `n Galeda pulled out a tricorder and trned to Roman "I will
      recalibrate the last torpedo and reprogram the guidance system of the
      quantum - projectors. If you want you can return to the bridge, I can
      manage this alone. He started to scan the torpedo's and re programme
      the guidance system without waiting the answer. There was no more
      time to loose, within less then an hour they would be in a huge battle
      and these torpedo's could be the one thing the turn the tide for the

      <Tag anyone>


      ok some techno babble, some speculations of how these quantum
      emitter-torpedo's (or however you want to call it) would work.
      Susanne feel free to correct some things if you have other idea's on
      how it would work.


      David Martens, dav1666@...
      lieutenant <jg> Kallesin `n Galeda
      Chief of Operations USS Athene