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2370USS Athene : some idea’s

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  • kallesin666
    Sep 28, 2004
      USS Athene : some idea's

      ***Scene: USS Athene : Bridge ***

      <Snip from Steve>

      "Hey, captain," came Amadrene Pellew's voice from the helm. She
      sounded pleased with herself. "If tractor beams can move us away from
      the mines, as our Starfleet friends have done, they can nudge the
      mines in a much more useful direction."

      Capt. Doon said, "Yes?"

      "Oh, yeah," Pellew said. "I've got a few mines locked with tractors
      right now, sir. Which of these Telmarc creeps do you want me to send
      them to?"

      <End of Snip>

      The android gave te doctor a last look and walked back to his position
      as second officer. He gathered the data from Amadrene and linked it
      to his own data. "Interesting, Sir the mines have been spread in a
      wide angle, to wide to came from the emitting itself. The mines must
      have some small engines which provide them with a propulsion. Maybe
      they even have some sensors or tracking device which enables them to
      fly towards their target.."

      He looked to Amadrene "this makes them much more deadly then casual
      mines. It seems the Telmarc have prepared this event very detailed and
      provided themselves with various new techniques of warfare. A
      remarkable incentive race."

      His fingers flashed over his console "Mister Pellew, what if we jammed
      the mines sensors and provided them with data on Telmarc ships instead
      of federation crafts ? Could it be that they go targeting the
      Telmarcs ? With a push of the tractor beam we then can send them
      towards the assigned Talmarc ships. The mines will hunt them then
      down themselves."

      <Tag Gere>

      After that matter was settled the android rushed back to check on
      engineering. The ship was still damaged from the impact of the mines.
      Damage repair teams where struggling and hurrying to get the Athene
      back working again. He crosslinked one of his consoles to the
      engineering section and noticed some severe damaged areas where hard
      to acces by organic liveform ue to heavy radiation or poisionous
      gasses. He checked with Doon "Sir permisison to leave the bridge ? I
      will be of grezt assistance in engineering in some section where
      organic lifeforms can work only slowl and under harsh conditions. Ia
      m much more resistance to poisounous gasses and radiation or heat then

      Doon nodded "Agrreed, but only the most urgent repairs, I need you
      here on the bridge incase the Temarc attack again. "

      Kallesin left the bridge in a hurry to get to the most damaged
      sections : propulsion and engines, so the Athene could at least fly
      ahgain and has controle of her helm.

      <tag to anyone>


      Just a small one to keep in touch.


      David Martens, dav1666@...
      lieutenant <jg> Kallesin `n Galeda
      Chief of Operations USS Athene