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2369Joint post Mara / Teel’a USS YEAGER[CSS MANTICORE] : Trouble within

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  • teelallein
    Sep 27, 2004
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      USS YEAGER[CSS MANTICORE] : Trouble within
      Joint post Mara / Teel'a


      ** Scene: Somewhere on the CSS Manticore **

      <Snip from Joey (post 621)>

      "Well ladies..." Gabriel said with a slight smile accompanied by a
      small bow "...I am no security specialist, and planning assault
      tactics is not my forte..." He again assumed an erected position
      "...you know our main objectives now, and I will follow your

      <End of Snip>

      The Klingon stared at the Feline warrior in front of her. Teel'a
      looked deadly, she smelled deadly, she moved silently as death could
      do. Mara was pleased to be in this team. Suddenly she saw the two
      Klingons from the Athene security team approach her. The positioned
      them in front of her and eyed her like she was dirt. "yISov'egh (know
      yourself), woman" snatched one of them. "I know who you are, you are
      Thull, without honour are you woman." He spitted the name `Thull' out
      like it was the name of some contagious and deadly disease.

      The other nodded as to agree to his comrade "You should not be in
      this, you should be wining at your quarters in mercy to be alive.
      Your presence is an dishonour !"

      Mara felt her blood boil and almost faster then a wink she pulled out
      two daggers, she smiled and awful cold grin to the two in front of her
      "HeghmeH QaQ Hoch jaj (every day is a good day to die) !". She took a
      fighting position "Are you prepared to die, today, you mindless t'gla ?"

      Just as the two males pulled out their daggers they where lifted from
      their feet by their commander. Teel'a had each one in a tight grip
      about two feet from the ground close to her face. Her fur was wide
      and her teeth shimmering white in front of the two Klingons. "You both
      are the ones without honour... and without brains. Haven't you seen
      how fast Lt Thull was to draw her knifes ? You both would have been
      killed faster then you two could tie your shoes."

      She dropped them both to the floor "I need every man in this team for
      this, but after the mission I will let Lt Thull deal with you both as
      she desires, you are not worth to be in this !!" Teel'a turned to the
      Klingon in front of her bowing her head "I apologize for my man, they
      are ruthless and mindless, I take all the blame and the disgrace on
      me." She turned to them "You will both serve her and obey her as if
      she was me. Cause trouble again and you will face me when we are back
      at the Athene."

      Mara had not expected this but she understood Teel'a and nodded "I do
      not blame you for the mindlessness of your man but they need to be
      taught discipline ! Maybe duel with the painstick can show them what
      some self-control can do."

      Teel'a nodded "I will see to it that they join you after the mission.
      May I have the honour to see the duel ?" "Offcourse you can" came
      the reply of Mara.

      Gabriel had been staring stunned to the incident, turning pale and red
      feeling the cold sweat drip from his forehead. *Why me ? Why
      Klingons.. Why...*

      In a few moments they had been spilt in three teams, Teel'a, Mara and
      Ann each in a different group to give guidance and provide the
      fighting capability.

      All woman turned towards Gabriel to see where he would join.

      <tag to anyone, specially Joey>


      Hi All, This sounds as fun !! A close combat fight at hand, just what
      a bloodthirsty Klingon wants !! Let's get some Telmarcs!

      Tanja Martens, tanjamart@...
      Lt<jg> Mara Thull


      ** ** ** ** **
      Gwen , playing Ensign Teel'a Hgwashh Nergh An'allein
      CSO USS Athene
      ** ** ** **